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Seiko 6139

 Seiko introduced its everyday chronograph in 1969.  Based partially on the 6200, it wasn’t exactly a luxury movement; however, it’s developed a cult following with certain models being highly collectible.  

A single register chronograph, with a 30 minute counter, no continuous seconds and a quickset day-date display. It remained in production until around 1979 and was produced in a wide range of dial colors and case styles.

For the true 6139 devotee, the 6139-6002 Pogue is the model everyone wants for their collection.  It has the honor of being the first automatic chronograph worn in space.


Casio F-91W

With over 3 Million produced per year the Casio F-series is line of quartz digital watches, manufactured by the Japanese company Casio Computer Co., Ltd.  The original F-91W was introduced in 1991 and is still in production and demand. It is popular for its simplicity, reliability and unpretentious, clean design. 

Considered by many to be the World’s Most Versatile And Dangerous Watch…   

The F91W has a  1⁄100 second stopwatch with a count up to 59:59.99 (almost one hour). Marking net and split time (lap) is also featured. There are the options of an hourly time beep and a single daily alarm lasting 20 seconds. It has an automatic calendar, although auto-adjustment for leap years is not supported, as the watch does not record the year. February is always counted as 28 days. [2] The watch uses a green LED backlight located to the left of the display to illuminate it. The light is not very even or bright but is plenty for reading the display easily. The watch is reported to be as accurate as ±30 seconds per month[2] (6 minutes per year) by the manufacturer. As with every quartz movement, certain series of production units are more accurate.

The watch is powered by a single CR2016 3-volt lithium button cell, which will last at least seven years, assuming 20 seconds of alarm and one second of light usage per day. However, these are seldom used in practice, so it is not uncommon that the battery would last even longer. The watch case measures 37.5 × 33.5 × 8.5 mm and weighs 21 g. The manufacturer’s module number for this model (stamped on the stainless steel rear of the watch case) is 593.


Dressing the Man

Dressing the Man is the definitive guide to what men need to know in order to dress well and look stylish without becoming fashion victims.

Alan Flusser’s name is synonymous with taste and style. With his new book, he combines his encyclopedic knowledge of men’s clothes with his signature wit and elegance to address the fundamental paradox of modern men’s fashion: Why, after men today have spent more money on clothes than in any other period of history, are there fewer well-dressed men than at any time ever before?

According to Flusser, dressing well is not all that difficult, the real challenge lies in being able to acquire the right personalized instruction. Dressing well pivots on two pillars — proportion and color. Flusser believes that “Permanent Fashionability,” both his promise and goal for the reader, starts by being accountable to a personal set of physical trademarks and not to any kind of random, seasonally served-up collection of fashion flashes.