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Alessi Tic – Designed By Piero Lissoni

Born in Brianza in 1956, Piero Lissoni got his degree in Architecture at the Milan Polytechnical University in 1985; the following year he opened Studio Lissoni in Milan. Lissoni is a proponent of simple, essential lines and his numerous design, architecture and corporate image projects for the principal “Italian Design” producers point to coherence between design, materials and the construction process.



True to the poetic minimalism that distinguishes all his work, Piero Lissoni created a wide variety of functions around a shape that is classic in its own way. All models use the same square-shaped dial, with an emphasis on appearing very clean, simple, and easy to read.

Classic 1968-1976 Mercedes 250C

The 1968-1976 Mercedes-Benz 250C was the sportiest coupe of the late 60’s early 70’s. The U.S. 250C used a 2.8-liter engine to overcome the performance impacts of new federal safety and emissions rules.

Wheelbase, inches: 108.3
Length, inches: 184.5
Weight, pounds: 3,070-3,200

Price, new: $6,625-$14,700