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Classic Plastic

Carl Alberg (1900 – 31, August 1986) was a Swedish born yacht designer known for his influence in early fiberglass boats.  Alberg’s loyal client was Cape Dory Yachts. In 1987, one year after Alberg’s death, the Cape Dory catalog featured the following Alberg designs in their lineup: Cape Dory Typhoon Senior, Cape Dory 26, Cape Dory 28, Cape Dory 32, Cape Dory 333, Cape Dory 36, and new for 1987, the Cape Dory Custom 40.

“Contrasted to the modern IOR boats where you have six gorillas sitting on the weather rail with their feet hanging outside trying to keep the boat upright, my boats are strictly family-cruising boats. In all my designs I go for comfortable accomodations and a boat you can sail upright without scaring the life out of your family or friends. I gave them a good long keel, plenty of displacement and beam, and a fair amount of sail area so they can move.”  – Carl Alberg

Yachtsman’s Knives

Marlinspike (pronounced /ˈmɑrlɨnspaɪk/, sometimes marlin spikemarlinespike, or the archaic marlingspike) is a tool used inropework for tasks such as unlaying rope for splicing, untying knots, or forming a makeshift handle. A marlinspike is a polished cone tapered to a rounded or flattened point, usually 6 to 12 inches long, although sometimes 26″ or longer, depending on what ply and size of rope they are intended for. The marlinspike is a tool made from metal, usually iron or steel, differentiating it from the fidwhich is similar in shape and function but made from wood or bone. The marlinspike may be a separate tool or one item on a pocket knife.